Dr. Phil Brown & Dr. Angie Hoffpauir


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We believe that all members of the family system play a part in creating and maintaining any conflict or problem.  This also means that all family members can play an essential role in resolving the difficulties.  Consequently, we prefer to work with children and adolescents within the context of their family.  However, this can also include working individually with your child/teen as an adjunct to family treatment.

We help families:

•    Learn to listen and better understand one another
•    Reduce anger, frustration, and conflict
•    Create and clarify “functional family rules”
•    Help their kids/teens learn to use better judgment and make better choices
•    Improve collaborative parenting
•    Restore mutual respect
•    Shift the ways family members relate to one another
•    Develop practical and effective problem-solving strategies
•    Enhance emotional connections
•    Build better relationships

Family problemsWe also help…