Dr. Phil Brown & Dr. Angie Hoffpauir

Collaborative Divorce

dreamstimeextrasmall_985570In the event that the marital relationship is too badly damaged and cannot be repaired, we also assist couples and families through the difficult transition of separation and divorce.   Rather than engage in a very costly adversarial process that damages both partners that puts the kids in the middle, we will help you work through this process in a more  collaborative and less destructive manner.

Collaborative divorce assists couples in:

•    Working creatively and cooperatively to resolve issues (achieving shared solutions)
•    Creating an atmosphere of mutual respect, even in the face of disagreement
•    Facilitating open communication and information sharing
•    Working out a mutually acceptable parenting and visitation arrangement.
•    Ensuring that the negative emotional impacts to their children are minimized.
•    Maintaining control of the divorce process rather than relegating it to the court.



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