Dr. Phil Brown & Dr. Angie Hoffpauir

Children and Adolescents

dreamstimeextrasmall_2989951We believe that all members of the family system play a part in creating and maintaining conflicts or problems.  This also means that all family members can play an essential role in resolving those difficulties.  Thus, we prefer to work with children and adolescents within the context of their family.  However, this may also include working individually with your child/teen as an adjunct to family treatment.

Daughter looking a phone and ignoring her mother

  • Build on their strengths instead of focusing on deficits
  • Improve their ability to understand and articulate their feelings
  • Think through possible consequences prior to making decisions
  • Better understand what their parents are saying and why
  • Examine the ways that their peers affect their own behavior, choices, and attitudes
  • Improve social skills and peer relationships
  • Develop practical and effective problem-solving strategies
  • Restore mutual respect with their parents

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